Friday, 1 May 2015

life stuff

Toddlers stamp set from Hobby art Stamps

Well 25 years ago this weekend I was huffing and puffing bringing Libby into the world
As we sat working together in the studio yesterday I had a moment .. yep a mummy moment..
Where does time go?
Life is hard just now.. for a bunch of reasons  … but it starts & ends with Family doesn't it.

How ever this card is more a Sophie card …..  she did pink..something that Libs has never done .

The card is stamped with sepia ink and coloured in with water colour pens and a touch of POSCA for that vibrancy only they can offer

It needs metallic wire as ribbon ……. but it's hiding somewhere ;)

Sunday, 20 April 2014


Just back from last leg of a world cruise yet another group of wonderful craft ladies
wanted to bring them all home.
Gardening washing ironing in that order now back to work as new designs 
and orders to process.

Happy Easter world……… =)

Friday, 6 September 2013

Uni ... corn

The unicorn - legendary mythical creatures.
Digital doodles 
so many ideas not enough time...

I have a new collection of stock images if any trade peeps are interested.
The new website is nearly completed
but items are still available as downloads or hard copies for purchase as always..

Tuesday, 30 July 2013


As in CraftBeautiful -September Issue . A gorgeous little Single Cupcake stand decorated with UNI Posca Pens. Amazing paint pens! project by yours truly................

Thursday, 14 March 2013

easter time

Easter has to be my most favourite Occasion to design for, I love the colours and imagery and here goes with the first of a few new designs I have ready to add to the blog. 

Had the most beautiful spring day today with sun and blue sky really was lovely but still freezing!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Fallen heroes

I've been to Ypres and the surrounding Somme areas, visited Tyne Cot, Thiepval Menien gate and many cemeteries seeing the rows and rows of names and graves which is just incredible. Listening to the last post being played by the towns fire brigade at the Menin gate was one of the most emotional experiences of my life.......  
I feel  it's so important to Remember.....    
 We owe so much....   

Sunday, 15 July 2012

LMC 53

LMC 53 is on sale atm & had a couple of people say how much they like the designs on the free cover gift set/kit. ...yep that's my contribution.  Sharon B

I take an idea and make it work , I'm an originator designer illustrator who lives to draw.
check out LMC 53

and if your in the  industry and like - giv' us a job.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Big pansy

Been so busy and so tired too ! Worked hard this week to meet deadlines so decided to have a weekend relaxing. The rain has put paid to any gardening although we managed to get areas of lawn mowed which does the trick- tidy instantly- weeding around the pond requires frog alerts but something long & slimy wriggled across my path today euwgh...  enough said! I noticed Terry vacated to the back of garden sharpish.  

Another floral post I know sorry all =( but they are so useful. Hope it is for you too .
& Just because it's World gin day we're enjoying a well deserved G&T.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

the sun

Have managed to get quite a lot crammed into the last week and doing my usual multi projects on the go I went from job to job to let things like paint harden off and really in an effort to get everything up to a certain level. I figure if I start things then leave and go back to them it gives me time to develop ideas. Also just ordered a loads of product for next cruise which will include ceramics and stamps. I can't wait to visit Bergen & the fjords.

garden update ...... after much angst we have left the mowing (which took ages) to concentrate on cultivating. Now only mowed paths separate the long grassed areas but the pond area is much improved and all hail aldis and cheap shrubs cause it so coming together.

Mum back form Spain tomorrow can't wait to talk to her , Libs so close to finishing that degree and coming home -3weeks!!!.
Sof has secured a house for next year with other nurse friends in old Kent road South London -she goes straight into next placement with only two week break in August -can't wait to stay with her.
Have Callum here next week can't wait to hear who he's bumped into -last time it was Joey Essex!!

Todays image is the sun.....
Terry and I designed the pub sign for the "Sun at bredgar" in Kent and this sketch was submitted in the first ideas.

=) have fun hope this sketch is useful.